Why Bilkays? Learn about the value added services Bilkays offers clients.


Bilkays is a valued partner for many companies because of our premium trucking and warehousing services. Few companies provide a strategic Northeast location along with an experienced, trained staff; technology; and diverse capabilities to make operations efficient and profitable.
Location – Facilities in Elizabeth, NJ and Linden, NJ mean we are perfectly situated for on-time delivery of shipments anywhere in the Northeast Corridor, from Boston to Washington, D.C. and all points in between. It also means our trucking and warehousing services are in the east coast epicenter of shipping/receiving. 
Staff – Bilkays employs and trains all its drivers and warehouse staff. This means you benefit from experience and reliability that is unmatched in the metro-New York, New Jersey, and metro-Philadelphia areas. 
Technology – Integrating advanced programs and processes, Bilkays offers 24/7 tracking capability for peace of mind and up-to-the-second monitoring, and EDI services that make paying and record keeping easy and efficient. 
Capabilities – Whether you need trucking services such as cross docking, drayage, LTL, and pool consolidation/distribution, or distribution warehouse services and/or contract warehousing, Bilkays can be your partner. 

Value-Added Services - Bilkays

"Bilkays knows my business and their drivers repect just how  important it is." —C. Chow, Newark